Let the sound of surf send you to sleep.
Beachy Keen, Jan Juc is a cozy surfcoast getaway along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria Australia.
Just over 1km from the ocean and walking tracks, 800m from the local coffee shop and pub where eating, sleeping, beach-ing (even in winter) and shopping is all you'll need to do. Located in a quiet neighbourhood of Jan Juc, it's the perfect shack to unwind and chill.

The property is managed and styled by Aneta Schultz from Nettylove Interiors. A love of the beach, fresh air and passion for interiors (old and new) has seen a very cosy transformation since the property was purchased 6 years ago. Aneta wants her guests to feel the same way she does when she opens the front door of Beachy Keen, something along the lines of relax and breathe, knowing that all she will be doing during her stay is enjoying family/friends, eating, sleeping and beach(ing). 
Beachy Keen also has a unique offering for our guests who come and stay. Most of our products ie: linen, coasters, hooks, candles, some furniture, pottery etc are sourced from local artists and suppliers and are available to purchase right here. We like to think of it as living with and experiencing the product before you buy. 
This has come about as many of our guests have asked where we get our products from, so we've come together with some our friends to allow you the opportunity to buy. Of course there is no pressure, but if you do purchase an item during your stay, we will aim to have this delivered to you during your stay otherwise it will be posted from our home to yours. 
We hope you enjoy your stay here. 
Sunshine and beach hugs,
Aneta & Co.